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Weitermalen! herr ein spatz irrt...

André Thomkins

* 1930 in Lucerne † 1985 in Berlin

Mixed media (manuscript anagrams). Size: 49.7 x 90.3 cm.

/ Konzertante Lesung für 70 Klappstühle. 1984.

Signed and dated.

Literature: D. Schwarz (ed.), André Thomkins, Gesammelte Anagramme, 1987, Zurich, pp. 116-122 and p. 134.

                 H-P. Wipplinger (ed.), Dominik Steiger, Retrospektive, 2014, Kunsthalle Krems, p. 410.


Provenance: Dominik Steiger, Vienna.

Price on request

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This object was created during a performance in collaboration with the poet Dominik Steiger on 09/27/1984 at the gallery Brigitta Rosenberg (Schwarz p. 134). 

The performance piece requires players to put an equal number of anagram cards into the two little boxes before alternately placing them side by side to form an arbitrary poem.


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