These are a series of interviews which we are conducting with contemporary artists represented by us, who use printmaking in their work. Each interview will focus on a particular printmaking technique for which the artist is known. It will explore the challenges, experiences and sources of inspiration associated with working with that specific technique.

  1. Nicolas Poignon and Marcell Feldberg Collaboration between an artist and a poet

    We succeeded in something which is very rarely successful—simultaneously working alongside and with each other.

    Interview with artist Nicolas Poignon and poet Marcel Feldberg on their project "Ephemeriden Aufzeichnungen". 

  2. Judith Rothchild and Mark Lintott Mezzotints and Artist's books

    The idea of mezzotint has always interested me, as the subject of all my work is the light. 

    Interview with artist Judith Rothchild and her partner Mark Lintott.

  3. The Lithographs of Andreana Dobreva From Canvas To Stone

    “Every stone is an individual and you have to listen to it." This understanding helped me to move from canvas to stone.

    Interview with artist Andreana Dobreva and printer Deborah Chaney-Guilbaud (Deb Chaney Editions, Ateliers Stéphane Guilbaud).

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