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Self-portrait c.1764

Evgraf Petrovitch Tchemesov

* 1737 in Ozerki † 1765 in St. Petersburg

Engraving. Size of sheet: 20.4 x 16.3 cm.

After the painting by Jean-Louis de Velly (1730 Paris - 1804 St.Petersburg). Lettered in the image: "Е. ЧЕМЕСОВЪ, ВЫРЕЗАНЪ ИМЪ САМИМЪ; А РИСОВАНЪ ЕГО ПРИЯТЕЛЕМ J. ДЕВЕЛЛЕМЪ". (trans. E.Tchemesov, engraved by himself; but drawn by his friend J.-L. de Velly). 

Very fine impression with small margins.


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Tchemesov was the foremost known Russian engraver of portraits of the 18th century. He was taught by the eminent German printmaker Georg Friedrich Schmidt (1712 Wandlitz - 1775 Berlin) while he was teaching in St. Petersburg. During his short life,Tchemesov managed to create a significant amount of work in this genre. For the most part, these are portraits of Russian nobility (fourteen in all), made from drawings and paintings by artists Pietro Rotary and Jean-Louis de Velly who were working in Russia at the time. (See Gollerbach, History of engraving and lithography in Russia, 2017, pp.80-81).

Condition report is available on request. 


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