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Jane Austen, The Beautifull Cassandra 2018

Leon Steinmetz

* 1944 in Moscow

Size: 16.8 x 21.1 cm.

Deluxe illustrated edition, 72 pages, with 15 colour illustrations, signed with the artist's remark in red ink on title page.

Publisher: the Princeton University Press, Princeton & Oxford, 2018.

With the afterword by Claudia L. Johnson & Artwork by Leon Steinmetz.

Written for the amusement of her family, Austen dedicated this short twelve-chapter novel to her older sister Cassandra. Each chapter consists of a sentence or two. Weighing in at 465 occasionally misspelled words, it is a complete and perfect novel-in-miniature, which already anticipates Austen's stylistic mastery.

£ 30.-


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