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Les Plaintes d'un Icare. 1999.

Judith Rothchild

* 1950 in Boston

Charles Baudelaire’s poem Les Plaintes d’un Icare is accompanied by 4 chine collé mezzotints and screen prints by Judith Rothchild. The book unfolds vertically to reveal Judith Rothchild’s visions of feathers, floating down through the text—light at the top, becoming darker and denser as they fall to the tomb below. Signed by the artist. Edition of 30. Size 10 x 28.6 cm, fold out to 149 cm.


The text, in Vendôme Italique, was hand-set and printed, on an Adana 8" x 5" press, by Mark Lintott. The images were hand printed by the artist. The Rives BFK paper is presented in wrappers of light brown Ingrid paper with screen printed feather images and letterpress title. The matching slipcase, by Claude Vallin, is also screen printed. The text is in French.


Copies 28 and 29 are hors commerce. The number 30 is reserved for the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.


Public Collections:
B. M. de Mulhouse,
B. M. de Digne,
B. M. de Frejus,
BDP Côte d’Or,
Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire BCU Lausanne, Switzerland,
Smith College, Ma U.S.A,
Library of Congress U.S.A,
Bibliothèque Nationale de France,


£ 375.-


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