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L'Invitation au Voyage. 1999.

Judith Rothchild

* 1950 in Boston

The XVIIIth petit poème en prose by Charles Baudelaire, accompanied by nine mezzotints by Judith Rothchild was published in 2000, on Hahnemühle paper in the form of a leporello (accordion). Judith Rothchild was inspired by Baudelaire’s Pays superb ...pays de Cocagne to produce lush detailed images of canals and interiors which are interspersed in the text. Signed by the artist. Edition of 50. Size: 26 x 26.7 cm. The text is in French.


The wrappers, boxes, and slipcases are hand screen printed by the artist with a design inspired by Ottoman tiles. The text, hand-set in Ramses Maigre, was printed on a Harrild & Sons Albion press by Mark Lintott. The boxes and slipcases are by Claude Vallin.


The deluxe edition of 10 copies (1/50 to 10/50) is presented in clamshell boxes and includes an extra original mezzotint printed exclusively for this edition. The regular edition of 40 copies (11/50 to 50/50) is presented in slipcases.


Public Collections:
Bibliothèque Municipale de Belfort (deluxe edition),
Gulbenkian Foundation, Portugal (deluxe edition),
National Library of Luxembourg (deluxe edition),
Library of Congress, USA,
Smith College, USA.
Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire BCU Lausanne, Switzerland,
BM Blagnac,
BM St. Egrève,
BM Evreux.




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