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Vues de Venise. 2001.

Judith Rothchild

* 1950 in Boston

This book, which is completely reversible, is a leporello (accordion) of two folded sheets of Hahnemühle back to back. On one side, there is a text on Venice by George Sand, and on the other, by Emile Zola. Both are accompanied by three mezzotints of doorways, bridges and canals by Judith Rothchild. Sand’s delightful description of Venice in springtime contrasts sharply with Zola’s grim portrayal of a decadent city in decay. The covers in red, black and gold, are Venetian hand marbled papers over boards. Text is in French. Numbered and signed by the artist. Edition of 50. Size: 25.4 x 21.6 cm, full length when opened: 2 m. The six mezzotints are printed by the artist. The texts, hand set in Vendôme Romain, are printed on a nineteenth century Stanhope press by Mark Lintott. The slipcases and clamshell boxes are by Claude Vallin. The first fourteen copies (1/50 to 14/50), the deluxe edition, are boxed and include an extra mezzotint created and printed exclusively for this edition by Judith Rothchild. Copy 1/50 also includes the original copper plate for this supplementary print. Copies numbered 2/50-7/50 each include one of the original copper mezzotint plates. Copies 15/50 to 50/50, the regular edition, are presented in double slipcases.

Deluxe £ 750.-


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