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Un jardin au bord de l’eau. 2016

Judith Rothchild

* 1950 in Boston

Presented in a specially made clamshell box, 28 x 37 x 6.5 cm., Venetian marbled paper for front of box and black vergé paper for edges and back cover, all over boards with black linen spine. Title, author and artist printed in black on same Venetian paper laid onto the spine. The marbled paper is silvery-blue, gold and black and is reminiscent of water flowing over stones on the riverbed.

An original cancelled copperplate from the book is inset in custom black mat on front turn-in of the box.

It is unique in this form of assembling.


This box contains :


1- Hinged box, with the front covered in the same Venetian marbled paper, containing 13 working proof copies of the mezzotint. The first proof copy is the darkest and they gradually become lighter as the plate progresses. There is also a proof of the cancelled plate.

The image size is 20 x 30 cm. Paper Hahnemühle size 24 x 34 cm. All the proofs are initialed by the artist.


2- Hinged folder, front covered with paper marbled by the artist in blue and green, containing in a custom green mat the original pencil and wash drawing that the mezzotint was based on.

Judith Rothchild works only directly from life or drawings made on site never from photographs.


3- The book Un jardin au bord de l’eau N° 9/50 One of ten deluxe copies all on Hahnemuhle paper, each signed and numbered in pencil by the artist, Judith Rothchild, and initialed by the author on the colophon. Page size: 20 x 30 cm. 14pp.

Bound by Mark Lintott: leporello style, yellow paper over boards with deep blue paper covering most of the board showing only yellow band, title printed letterpress in black on front panel. Mark Lintott hand set the text in Vendome romain and printed it on an Albion press.

The text of Frederic Jacques Temple is a collection of childhood memories of the Aveyron in France. The images, 11 intaglio prints that are a mix of mezzotint and dry point techniques, created by Judith Rothchild focus on the river and the natural beauty of the riverbanks, falls, pools. The shaped text follows and surrounds the curves of the river - and points the way to the next view, each of which is a study in light and dark, using the medium of water for reflection and magnification. Published by Verdigris 2008.


4- Hinged folder covered in blue green paper marbled by the artist. It contains a folded sheet of velin paper with a signed monotype by Judith Rothchild on the right hand side and a short text in the hand of the author on the left.


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