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Les Rats 2020

Judith Rothchild

* 1950 in Boston

Conceived during the confinement of spring 2020 and finished during the autumn lockdown, Judith Rothchild’s linocuts were inspired by a fragment of “La Peste” by Albert Camus.

Size: 15 x 42 cm. 

The deluxe edition, numbered 1/28 to 6/28, printed on grey Rives BFK paper, contains a mezzotint by Judith Rothchild of a dessicated rat as well one of the linoleum plates. The regular edition, numbered 7/28 to 28/28, printed on tan Rives BFK paper is presented in slipcases. Number 28/28 is reserved for the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. The text in French, is printed in letterpress in Univers bold on a Vandercook press by Mark Lintott who also created the slipcases and boxes.

Editions Verdigris, Year of the Rat, 2020.


Regular edition: £850.- Deluxe edition: £1300.--


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