Lumière 1893

Odilon Redon

* 1840 † 1916

Original lithograph in black ink, on Chine appliqué. Size of sheet: 62.5 x 44.5 cm.

Signed. With the inscription Lumière 50 épr. upper left. Edition of 50 impressions. Printed at the studio of Becquet, Paris, 1893.

Literature  Mellerio 123.

Brilliant glowing impression on a full sheet.

Lumière is one of the most evocative, disturbing yet beautiful images in Redon's print oeuvre. The strange anomalies of the composition seem to defy a balanced visual interpretation; the changes in scale force us to constantly alter the manner in which the image is viewed.

In Lumière these sudden changes of scale and the drama of the interplay of light and dark which creates that sense of the power of supernatural forces - in this image forces of good rather than those of evil as sometimes seem to lurk in Redon's art. The theme is 'light', both as a spiritual force, personified in the figure, and as a creative visual element expressed in the pictorial handling.

It was composition such as Lumière which made Redon the most admired amongst the circles of Mystics which played so important a role in the aesthetics of the late nineteenh century in France.



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