L’âtre 1898-99

Edouard Vuillard

* 1868 † 1940

Lithograph printed in pale green, yellow, red, grey and black on off-white Chine volant paper with full margins.  Size of sheet: 44.9 x 35.7 cm.

Literature Roger-Marx 39, proof state.

A proof impression for the Paysages et intérieurs set, before the edition of 100, published by Ambroise Vollard in 1899 and printed at the Studio Clot. Our sheet is a proof with variations in the green stone.

In this proof, Vuillard experimented with slightly different colours than the one used in the final edition. The grey stone is slightly softer and ‘purer’ in tone, and the green is a purer and lighter one, quite different from the olive tone of the final edition. The green drawing work is also before some minor further working, notably in the shading on the upper part of the vertical of the hearth-surround and in the stripe of green on the floor in the foreground.


It should also be noted that whereas many impressions of the final edition still show traces of the ‘cross register marks’ in the margins , these are usually very faint and inked in yellow, in this proof they are still very strongly apparent and are inked in the green and the yellow.




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