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Portrait of Théodore Gericault Circa 1824.

Léon Cogniet

* 1794 in Paris † 1880 in Paris

Crayon lithograph on chine-collé. Size of sheet: circa 51.7 x 38 cm.

Provenance: Amédée Faure (1801-1878), Paris, (L. 115).

Literature: Beraldi V, 12.

Delicate impression on a full sheet of important provenance.

Léon Cogniet became friends with Géricault in 1812, while they were both studying under Pierre Guérin (1774-1833) and at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. The two artists collaborated almost ten years later on the series of lithographs Etudes des Chevaux (1823), of which several impressions are included in our exhibition.

During their lifelong friendship, Géricault was the subject of many of Cogniet's portraits, until the very last one on the artist's death bed. Our portrait shows him with very short hair and wearing a beret, in the same year before he became chronically ill with syphilis. His delicate face features are elegantly reproduced, conveying Géricault's intense expression.

The print belonged to the artist Amédée Faure, who entered the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1824 - the same year when the print was conceived - and, like Cogniet, would become a prolific portraitist and lithographer. The provenance suggests that our impression was given to Faure by Cogniet himself.

£ 6500.-


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