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Charon 1899-1900

Hans Sandreuter

* 1850 in Basel † 1901 in Riehen

Etching and aquatint in brown. Size of plate: 22.8 x 18.4 cm. Size of sheet: 38.6 x 32 cm.

On Japan paper. Stamped with artist's monogramm. 

Provenance: from the estate of Hans Sandreuter;

                     from the estate of Marguerite Sandreuter, Riehen.  

Very strong impression on a full sheet. 

Charon, in Greek mythology, the son of Erebus and Nyx (Night), whose duty it was to ferry over the Rivers Styx and Acheron those souls of the deceased who had received the rites of burial. In payment he received the coin that was placed in the mouth of the corpse. 



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