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Joshua, seated as a Maximilian knight 1534

Erhard Altdorfer

* c.1480/85 in Regensburg † 1561/2 in Schwerin

Woodcut. Size of woodcut block: 18 x 19.2 cm.

Literature:        Dodg. II, 378, 1. Pass. 16.

                        Hollst. 16. Kat. New Haven, 1969, 68.

                        W.19. Mielke, cat. Altdorfer, Berlin/Regensburg 1988, 190 d. 

                        Giulia Bartrum, German Renaissance Prints, 1490–1550, 1995, p. 198 and cf. p. 94f.                        

This strong work depicts Joshua, the war-leader of the Israelites who captured Jericho, as a Maximilian knight. It was used as the titlepage of the Old Testament of the Lubeck Bible, completed in 1534. With an expressive affluent line, a very battle-weary Joshua – clad in his armour – is depicted seated on a rock. At the far left the mountain landscape with a fortress testifies to Erhard Altdorfer’s origins in the Danube school.

£ 3,500.-


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