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Die Sibenundtreissigst figur (The Feeding of the Five Thousand) 1491

Michael Wolgemut

* 1434 in Nuremberg † 1519 in Nuremberg

Woodcut with contemporary hand colouring in red, blue, green and yellow Size of sheet: 32.7 x 22.5 cm.

Leaf No.37 from"Der Schatzbehalter der wahren Reichtümer des Heils",  Nürnberg, Anton Koberger, 8th  November 1491. On the verso with text: „Wie herodes cristo nachgestelt hat“. From the only edition of this book of edification, written by Stefan Fridolin (1482-1498, Priest at St. Klara) on the order of the nuns and their abbess Caritas Pirckheimer of the Nuremberg monastery and order of Saint Clara. According to Bellm it was printed in an edition of 150 copies.

Literature:     Hain 14507.

                     Proctor 2070.

                     Goff S-306.

                     Fairfax-Murray 392. 

                     Schreiber 5202.

The Schatzbehalter, or 'treasure chest of the true riches of the saints and eternal salvation' narrates 100 events in the life of Christ that are accompanied by 91 full-page woodcut illustrations. The woodcuts were designed by Michael Wolgemut and his step-son Wilhelm Pleydenwurff (c.1460-1494). This work with its woodcuts is the forerunner and starting point for Albrecht Dürer’s monumental woodcuts.

£ 3,200.-


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