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Fall of Man or Adam and Eve in Paradise 1491

Michael Wolgemut, attributed

* 1434 in Nuremberg † 1519 in Nuremberg

Woodcut with contemporary hand colouring in pink and dark red, light brown, orange, blue, yellow and green. Size of woodcut block: 25 x 17.4 cm.

From: Schatzbehalter, Nuremberg, Anton Koberger 1491.

Literature:     Fairfax Murray 392.

                     Schramm XVII, 110, 320. 


A superbly coloured impression of the key plate from Stephan Fridolin’s Schatzbehalter. The Schatzbehalter is one of the most influential book productions of the fifteenth century North of the Alps. Like Koberger’s other major illustrated editions, the Schatzbehalter was available in different forms, of which the present coloured version with various greens in the background is the richest.



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