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Christ on the Cross c.1487-1500

Hans Schäufelein

* c.1480/85 in Nuremberg † c.1538/40 in Nördlingen

Woodcut with contemporary hand colouring in yellow, green, red and brown. Size of woodcut block: 23.7 x 15.9 cm. Size of sheet: 28 x 20 cm.

Watermark: High crown (See. Briquet 4902, there dated Nuremberg 1487-1500 and Meder 20).

Literature:     Hollstein p. 96.

                     Oldenbourg 153.

                     Dodg. II, 10, 1.  


A fine impression with strong contemporary hand colouring without text verso. The woodcut was used in: Beschlossen Gart, 1505, and in Ulrich Pinder’s Speculum Passionis domini nostri Ihesu christi... Nuremberg, Friedrich Peypus, 1507.


£ 4,500.-


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